What is natural soap?

What is natural soap?

I mention natural soap all over this site.  We have natural bar soaps, natural liquid soaps, natural foaming hand soap.  What does it mean?  By natural I mean soap that is made by the combination of oils and lye that undergo the saponification process.  There are no synthetic detergents in our soap.

What makes natural soap so special is that during the saponification process, the byproduct is natural glycerin.  Glycerin is a humectant, a moisturizer, and a great foam booster.  So in addition to getting the benefits of the oils used to make soap such as vitamins and anti-oxidant properties you are getting the benefits of natural glycerin.

Why aren't lye and glycerin not listed in in the soap ingredients?  Well glycerin is a naturally occurring byproduct of soap making.  In some situations we add additional glycerin in the process of producing soap and that is the only time it is mentioned in the ingredients label.  Lye is an implied ingredient in soap making, however our soap recipes ensure that there is no lye left over in the final product.  Bar soaps list the oils used in the soap making process preceded by the word sodium.  Liquid soaps list the oils used in the soap making process preceded by the word potassium. 

The world between synthetic soap and natural soap is becoming more and more muddied as commercial soap manufacturers try to advertise "natural" and natural soap makers try to control some of the characteristics of natural soap.  I use the phrase "naturally made and conceived with goodness in mind" to convey my desire to make a high quality product as close to natural as I can get.

Please do not hesitate to question our products and their ingredients.  I will do my best to answer your questions.

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