About Us

About Us

Sapo Lauta has been twenty years in the making. We started making soaps for fun. Soon, it became a habit. We made soap for friends and family, holidays and normal days. We made M&P soap, cold processed soap, hot processed soap, and liquid soap.

Our first business attempt was under the name Luscious Soaps. Luscious Soaps was started in Lawrenceville, Georgia and failed shortly after our move to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in 2006 or so.

In 2013 we began again under the name Sapo Lauta. I am under the impression that it means luxuriously made soap but I do not speak latin. Goes to show you what an online latin dictionary and a strong cup of coffee can get you.

We’ve taken the best of our recipes to create our product line. At Sapo Lauta, we’re passionate about the business of making soap.

Our mission at Sapo Lauta is to provide a superior product and meet customer expectations. If at any time you are not satisfied with our products, we’d like to know about it and have the opportunity to make it right. We’d like you to be passionate about our soap too.

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