Soap has become a complicated matter.  Sometimes I think that it is not a matter of what is in your soap, but rather what is not.  In my opinion, natural soap is soap that is made from combining oils with lye and allowing the process of saponification to take over.

Soap made through the process of saponification requires no preservatives as there really isn’t any water left behind in which to grow bacteria.  It requires no artificial foam boosters or surfactants as the oils used in the soap control the properties of the lather that the soap produces.

Here is a list of the items we put in our soap:  Vegetable oils, lye, distilled water, essential and/or fragrance oils, botanicals (plant matter) and sometimes minerals such as salt or clay.  There is no lye left in our soap after the process of saponification, it is replaced with naturally occurring glycerin.

Simple, honest, fresh, goodness goes into our soap.  Try some today and experience the difference for yourself!

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